Placement Of The ADV_MKS ™

The ADV_MKS ™ unit is equipped with a 3-prong ground plug and must be connected to an appropriate receptacle that is properly installed and grounded in order to reduce the risk of electrical shock.

The ADV_MKS ™ should be placed approximately 20’ away from all outdoor activities so you are not competing with the ADV_MKS ™.

Do not place the unit next to buildings, air conditioners or large metal objects. These tend to retain heat during the day and into the night, which can compete against the unit and decrease its effect.

Do not place the ADV_MKS ™unit in direct outdoor lighting. This effects the photo-sensor operation and may cause it to capture beneficial insects.

For the first 8 days, the machine needs to be moved to different locations in order to determine where the mosquito infestation is more prominent. Once the ideal location is found the capture net will need to be removed. If left on the unit, the capture net will decrease the units’ effectiveness by 25%

Place the ADV_MKS ™ unit in a shaded area if unit is to operate during the day.(will not function properly in direct sunlight.)

Place the ADV_MKS ™ so that you are not downwind from the ADV_MKS ™ attractants.(body heat and breathing signatures.)

The ADV_MKS ™ can be placed in areas where roosting is noticeable such as shrubbery, water sources, shaded areas, mulch areas, decks, etc.

Do not place the ADV_MKS ™ over standing water, due to the risk of electrocution.

Do not restrict the airflow by placing the ADV_MKS ™ on the ground, table, etc.

Having the unit in place at the beginning of the mosquito season will be more effective in helping to keep reproduction at a lower rate.

It is important to remember the overall result of the total reduction of mosquitoes may not be observed overnight. If you plan an outdoor event, have the unit in place approximately 14-days ahead of the scheduled event to allow sufficient time for the unit to work properly.

If an area is heavily infested with mosquitoes, (i.e., a porch, garage, or deck), place the unit in the area near the infestation.

Depending on the density of the foliage and the surrounding environment, more than one unit may be necessary to obtain the desired level of comfort.

If after 3-4 weeks in an area there is little reduction in the number of mosquitoes, look for areas where mosquitoes are roosting, such as under a porch or deck, shaded shrubbery areas and place the unit in that area.