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No mosquito borne disease gauranteed. Not involving chemicals helps you to be away from toxic chemicals too.

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MKS is being used in different parts of the world, making sure all types of mosquitoes are eradicated.

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Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

The best in Bollywood applauds Mosquito Killing System.

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Mumbai Airport

Mumbai airport is free from mosquitoes.

BMC to seek NASA's help to kill


According to experts, beside being effective, the machine is also environment friendly as it doesn't use any chemicals and at the same time, stores CO2 and releases it back to the atmosphere.

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Mosquito Killing System

Recommended by the National Institute Of Malaria Research and the Bangalore Mahanagar Palika.

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Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's review on our product

T 927 - Eureka !! NASA has developed a contraption that eradicates mosquitos within an area of an acre, effectively .. tried it .. works !!


1.Energy Efficient

2.Strong and Durable

3.Erradicates Mosquitos Only

4.Quite and Odorless

5.Comes with one year manufacturing warranty

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Mosquito Killing System comes with one year's warranty and we do all the efforts to keep it running without any hassle.

Our service engineers are just a call away. He resolve any technical issue within 24 working hours.

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1. We are the only authorised dealers of Mosquito Killing System in India.

2. Award winning after sale service.

3. We have a panel of service engineers throughout India.

4. Dealers of Mosquito Killing System since their launch in India.

Facts About MKS

1. Works with CO2.

2. Kills 15000 mosquitoes in a night

3. Has given same results in any part of the world.

4. Helps in erradication of Malaria