How Effective Is ADV_MKS ™

In controlled tests, the ADV_MKS ™ consistently captured several times as many mosquitoes than any other machine or products. In actual field tests, the ADV_MKS ™ has caught over 7,000 mosquitoes per hour, while competitors machines in the same test area only captured a few hundred. (Many of these tests were conducted under harsh conditions. Don’t expect the same results on your property. You can expect, however, to capture far more mosquitoes with the Arctic Mosquito Killing System than any other machine.) Tests have been conducted by Dr.Larry Olsen, University of Arkansas in Jonesboro; Chris Tipping, entomologist at the university of Florida in Gainesville; and the unit is currently being tested in Australia and the U.K.

What makes the ADV_MKS ™ so unique and deadly is the finely tuned, scientifically correlated, measured release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and heat that precisely mimics a living, breathing target for biting insects. Other mosquito traps and magnets may use CO2 and heat as an attractant but the ADV_MKS ™ has been tested against mosquito’s with timely, measured releases.

When the unit first comes on at night, the CO2 is programmed to release for 5 hours. Body heat signatures are produced with a heat blanket in the heat chamber cycling every few minutes from 85 degrees to 110 degrees. This feature is performed continuously when unit is running.