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Benefits Of Mosquito Killing System

Alternative Mosquito Control product that is safe to use without the potential legalities associated with chemicals or pesticides.

Monitoring device for mosquito control.

Mimics body temperature of humans, livestock, poultry, and domestic pets.

Relies on the mosquitoes natural ability to catch its prey through heat-sensing and carbon dioxide detection.

Stimulates mammal breathing through release of warmed carbon dioxide (CO2) as an attractant.

An attractive, environmentally friendly addition to any lawn, patio or pool area where mosquito reduction is a must.

Quiet, and odorless.

Reduces the mosquito population without harming other beneficial insects of the environment.

Energy Efficient.

UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories).

Strong, durable aluminum construction.

Lightweight and small design

One year manufacturers warranty

Mosquito Killing System


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