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“No odor, no annoying sound. No pesticides in the environment. Just a clean, efficient, effective way to eliminate mosquitoes. The night I saw the machine (Mosquito Killing System™) in operation, it was doing a very good job.”

Dr. Larry Olsen, Entomologist, Arkansas

State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas

“After the additional testing of the traps was supplied to me, I have noted these machines continue to be exclusively attractive to several species of pest mosquitoes. Observations of females attracted to these traps indicate that they orient and fly towards the heat source created by the MKS-H and the ground unit. On several occasions, I have watched females land and probe the trap; females are drawn inside and are killed or incapacitated. Mosquitoes observed attracted to the ground unit appear to fly upwind from one to two feet off the ground, circle and attempt to light on the electric grid. I have seen several females land on the top of the unit before they were eventually killed. Mosquitoes attracted to both the MKS-H and the ground unit appears to have similar flight patterns.A careful observation of the behaviors of host-seeking mosquitoes is important in understanding the mechanisms involved in how they locate and orient towards potential hosts. With greater understanding of mosquito behavior, future trap designs can be even more effective in attracting and killing them. I look forward for further testing of both the MKS-H and the ground unit.”

Dr. Christopher Tipping, PhD Entomologist

“On the evening I watched it in operation, the Mosquito Killing System™ attracted and caught large numbers of Anopheline Mosquitoes. When CO2 was released near one Heat Trap, the number of mosquitoes responding seemed to increase, but since there was no control trap present for comparison, I could not verify this. I say only a few non-anopheline species come to the trap, with or without CO2. I suspect this was because there were few other kinds of mosquitoes in the area at the time, but was unable to confirm that. On the basis of my observations of the Heat trap in that, and several other evenings during my visit, it can be said to definitely attract the local Anopheles species. In summary, the Mosquito Killing System™ attracted and caught many anopheline mosquitoes during the hour that I observed it in action. Though the Mosquito Killing System™ seems very promising, additional careful testing will be required to fully reveal and document the basic trap’s true potential.

Richard G. Weber, PhD Entomologist

Mosquito Killing System


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